FYFC IG - @fyfc_official

So we decided to make an official FYFC instagram! We realize there’s already a shit ton of shoutout IG accounts, but whatever lol. 

Anyways, same rules apply on our IG!

  • DM us your photo
  • Don’t have to follow back (but it’s wanted ~duh)
  • No shoutouts needed (but it’s cool and highly appreciated)
  • No need to hashtag your photos

We decided to keep everything on our tumblr and IG separate! So you probably won’t be seeing a lot of the same pictures on the two accounts. We figure it’ll make it more interesting. ^_^

We just started so help us get this thing rolling :)

Follow us! 

IG - @fyfc_official

bl2rrru: Maybe you should post pics about men filipinos too?:3

Trust me, we’re dying for more filipino guys to submit, but we barely get any. x_x

twelveseventeenn: Do y'all know that y'all sleeping on a real one though? Lol Jp, is this just straight Filipinos or are you posting mixes too? Because if you are could you post Filipino and black? My sisters and I are Filipino white and black and we can never find any.

Lol, yeah, the owners started this site as high school freshman. We’re college sophomore/juniors now so we don’t have as much time as we used to. We post mixes but we post submissions, so most of the picture you see on this site were submitted by that person in that photo, or by someone they know. So any filipino/black mixes, hit us up!